Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe She's Born with It

Or maybe it's just The Missie
(with natural athleticism....):) Love ya Miss!

See You Soon Duerre's

I know Amanda hates goodbyes, so I'm calling this post See You Soon.:) Our good friends, the Duerre family, are moving to a far far away place Ketchum, Idaho this week. We are very sad to see them go, but trust that our friendships are stronger than the distance separating us!:) Here are a few pictures I took at the shindig that Candee and Dan hosted for them.

Sara (hi Sara!!:), Candee, and Soph

Amanda and Wende

Ells and Emms

Amanda and Sara

Amanda and Sarah Rousselle

The guys L to R; Jeremy, Dan R, Dan M, Chad, Mr. T, and Travis

I'm gonna miss this girl!!

p.s. just in case you were wondering, yes, this is her swimsuit model pose. She was giving free lessons.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Fest '08

Valentines Day! Just another reason to party!:) We had a few little ones and their mommies over for the special occasion.

Sweetie Ella. I loved this picture.

3 little ducks all in a row.

Candee, Amanda, and Tara (and Lizzy)

Our lollipops that Em and I worked feverishly on earlier this week. We used cut out hearts as the petals and the lollipop was the center! Thanks for the great idea, Nat!

Our heart pizza from Valentine's Eve. We like to make it a week long event around here.

Handsome Devil up to no-good.

Working on our craft surprise for the daddies.

The whole gang! Thanks for coming! We love you all!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daddy Date

On Tuesday Emme and Chad went on their first official "daddy date." They went and saw the new "Beggie Tales" (that's what E calls it). It was her first time in the theater, and I think she enjoyed it! All she told me that they got some "fruit duds" and the movie was really loud and that the seats were red...hmmm..not a thing about the movie, but hey! I'll assume it was a positive experience.:) Here are some pictures of the cute couple!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the Road to Random

Some of you know how I crave a good field trip! Here is one of our excursion pics that I took from last week. Debbie (my mother in law) drove us through Toppenish, the town that she grew up in, while we were in Washington. This is her old house where she lived until the 3rd grade! I thought it was interesting hearing her reminisce about living here. I always like a drive down memory lane!:)

Chad's grandparents, Darrell and Peggy, with Debbie and the kids

Happy 30th Birthday Kelly! For my friend Kelly's 30th birthday we went to the Melting Pot restaurant downtown. It was delicious! We tried to surprise her, but being the detective that she is, she found out the day of the party...oh well! I still blindfolded her just for fun when she walked into the room!!:)

Just a random cute picture of Levi in his new snowsuit!

p.s. I realize that this is bragging, but I photoshopped the 2 pictures myself! It may have taken an hour, but it's fun playing around with the actions..;)

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Most of you know what happened last Saturday, but for those who don't.....we were visiting Chad's parents for the weekend in Yakima when the crash happened. Debbie (my mother in law), Emme and Levi were all in the car when it happened. I was attempting to drive through an intersection while the other driver, who was driving the opposite direction, was attempting to take a left right in front of me. It had been snowing and slick roads....needless to say, he did not allow himself enough time to get some traction and turn before I slammed into him.....and then I slammed into the person behind him and then hit a telephone pole. Thankfully enough, no one was seriously hurt. I have moderate whiplash and Debbie also has had some back issues for which we are being treated for. Emme and Levi are doing well..definitely shaken up after the air bags deployed (extremely loud!) and of course, the actual collisions..

Anyway, now we just have to deal with the insurance for this whole mess! Not easy..especially being out of state.. the car is fixable (amazingly enough)! And that's the rest of the story.....