Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guardian Angels Score Some Overtime


Not good.

Nope, not my fault.

Everyone is safe and sound. Praise the Lord.

Except Ol' Blue. Poor girl.

Just a little whiplash. I think.

Hey, we always like an adventure! That's how we roll! :)

No, we didn't roll, I'm just sayin'...

Hopefully we'll will be back home soon.

After the roads are cleared from the foot of snow that dumped today!


Pray for safety as we travel through the Blue Mountains if you can!

No, not travelling on our bicycles. :)

See ya soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Plants and Sew On

When I walk into someone's house for the first time and I decide that I really love their decorating style, I try to think about what it is that I exactly like about it. What makes it feel like a home. I think it's the amount of living things in the home. Namely plants. I think plants always look good and make a home look great. So when my Aunt Ramona came to visit this week, we decided to repot some plants I had that were looking rather sad. (read: all of my plants)

We repotted all the plants in the house and gave them fresh soil. This one looks much happier, don't you think?

She also is a sewing guru, in addition to a Plant Technician, so we came up with this little number for Emme's stained little chair. A cute little slipcover that can be pulled off and washed easily.

The finished product

My male model and the cute button accent

The main reason for her trip!! Emme's little curtain project that I had been wanting to sew now for a few months. Ramona taught me how to make the pleated ruffle and how to draw up the back with ribbon! It turned out perfectly.

Thanks Ramona for a wonderful visit and for all of your help!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Christmoose, belated of course

I am finally getting up the nerve to sift through 600 pictures of our Alaskan Christmas vacation! An daunting task for sure! I don't want to bore you with all of them (can I hear an AMEN?) so I am just posting a few from each event that I find interesting. See? I really do have your best interest in mind.

Update: Sorry some of the pics are sideways! I'm not ambitious enough to fix them now after blogging for an hour!!:)

A moose in the backyard! Now what a way to start our vacation!:)

Nat's first time seeing a moose. Nerd.

Our trip home started with awesome facials for Nat and I, and Gretch and Angie got massages. Definitely the way to begin a holiday!

My aunt Dorothy and I hanging out with my brother Bernie! As most of you know he is in Quatar right now, but he had this one-dimensional cutout made of himself so we could take him to all of our events! And he actually wore that elf costume while working! He is such a funny guy, even when he's not around.:)

A toast to Bern

Here are 15 of the 16 great grandkids from the Kale side!
What an awesome legacy.

Here are G-ma Batten's great grand kids!
She needs to get on the ball to catch up to the Kale side!:):)

Me and my boyfriend

We hardly got any presents this year!! Sidenote: I hope someone got Mom and Dad
game this year!

Em's new Christmas tent, also known as the "Tent of No Return". You'll have to ask me about it.

"Greta, have you seen the inside of my "Tent of No Return?"

Levi is such a monkey! Always climbing, and looking quite pleased about himself.

We had an AWESOME dinner of prime rib and crab legs while we were home.
So yummy. Great job Dad.

G-pop giving Levi a lesson in "how to ride a pony safely"

This is more Emme's type of pony

"Back away Mom, this is my photo op" Nephew Finn, age 9 1/2 mos.

Meet Angie! She will be the newest Kale come June! She is an awesome girl; Bern is a lucky guy.

Nat and I's first time seeing snow!!

Carsten, my cousin who is also 3 like Emme, enjoyed making sugar cookies with G-ma B. They used every last sugar crystal in the house.

An awesome gingerbread town fashioned after Tiny Tim's in Charles Dicken's book.

Chad trying to make out with me.

A whole family picture!

Christmas eve at G-ma Batten's house. Lots of family, busyness, and food. All things I love.

Cutie Aunt Ramona. I surprised her by taking the picture...and I know she looks at the blog, so I am posting it! Love ya R!

"sledding" with Carsten and Emme in the leaf-laden sled

A Phillips family pic in front of G-ma Kale's house. You perhaps
are wondering what Emme has on her eyes...well my peeps, that
is MAC spice long-last lipstick. And they weren't kidding about the long-last.

My beautiful 3 year old. With Nat holding the backdrop.

Levi during his photoshoot..umm..this is the best shot I got.

Cookie decorating party! The week before Christmas. The
fruits of her labor.

Levi quite enjoying his ride on the boogie board in the driveway!!

Nat's new myspace* picture, doesn't she look mysterious?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Guess Who?

Guess which one of my sisters is pregnant?

Could it be Nat?

She does this sick trick where she can puff her belly out super far. I hear that only the strongest of ab muscles can do that effectively..:) (Did I say that right Nat?)

Or Gretch?

Yep, it's Gretchen! She and Phil are expecting a bouncing bundle of joy this August!

Congratulations guys! We love you!! I can't wait to meet your newest addition.:)

Christmas pics to come....