Saturday, January 31, 2009


Blast from the Past... What a great memories! Here we are on our cruise to Jamaica in 2003. We had a great time!

I was tagged by Natalie and my cousin Dawn to post the 5th picture under the 5th folder....and now the 5 people I want to tag!
1. Kelly H.
2. Candee M.
3. Heather Marie
4. Beth W.
5. Tara T.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deja Vu and Ta Da!

Here is a picture of the "new" nursery! This was Em's crib bedding and I was so happy to set it up again! Sorry the picture is a little funky, it looks very yellow, must be the lighting. Or Levi had been smoking on the sly in his crib..

And Ta-Da! Here is E and L's big kid room and bunk beds! Yes, I realize the room is pink, but I'm hoping by the time Yeebs learns his colors, the girls will be sharing this room.:)

Vanity and Cottage Pictures

Reading Nook- I also hung a little picture on the wall which makes it all the more nook-y...nook looking? Whatev...anyway...(p.s. Candee, I did even nail into the beadboard, I used a removable hook...are you proud of me?)

The best for last!!

Of course the beds aren't made, but I had to lower my expectations or haul my large self up the ladder to make it...I chose to swallow my pride and let you see them in full unmade glory.

Levi is quite enjoying his new football bedding and didn't even move or try to get out the first night because he was elated to just be surrounded by footballs...isn't that cute? Of course it didn't last more than a night, but still...

There is also a trundle drawer underneath the bottom bunk which I intend to use for storage, but I have to get some sheeting cut to make a base for the bottom of the drawer.

I love nesting.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I've been feeling a little bit crafty lately....I blame it on "nesting". Unfortunately, they are not the projects I should be working on (quilt binding, ahem)...but anyway.

Since I love looking at other peoples craft projects, here are a few of my own that I snapped some pics of.

A fun little notebook cover that I made for my friend with just a regular old notebook and some leftover paper and ribbon!

Recovered dining chairs. What a cheap and quick way to make the dining room look refreshed.