Friday, June 19, 2009

Meme Tag from Amanda

Friday, June 19

a meme-

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Being finished with Potty Training!
2. Fitting back into my pre-pregnancy summer clothes
3. Getting new tennis shoes
4. Seeing my family for the holidays
5. Having lots of time to scrapbook
6. Soaking up this newborn stage of Claire
7. Paying off the hospital bills (so we don't have to give her back!:))
8. Going to the coast for vacation in August!

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
1. took some maternity pictures for an awesome family
2. washed sheets
3. made chicken pot pie for dinner
4. Washed and folded laundry
5. talked to Gretch, Nat, and Mom
6. Browsed a scrapbooking magazine
7. nursed Claire 6 times
8. tried to be domestic since this week has been hectic and the house is showing it!

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. be a runner and enjoy it!!
2. go to a concert in the park
3. visit my sisters more often
4. have fresh flowers all the time
5. have an RV
6. catch up on my scrapbooks
7. get a new wardrobe
8. be more patient with Levi

Eight Shows I Watch:
1. The Office
2. House
3-8. Whatever happens to be on when I sit down for the night!

Eight Favorite Fruits:
1. strawberries
2. fresh pineapple
3. grapes
4. raspberries
5. fuji or pink lady apples
6. clementines

Eight Places to Visit:
1. Singapore
2. Africa on Safari
3. India, on a short term mission trip
4. Boston
5. Hawaii to relax
6. England, Scotland, Ireland (it's one trip)
7. Australia
8. Spain

Eight Places I've Lived:
1. Alaska
2. Lynchburg, Virginia
3. Wildwood, New Jersey (for a summer)
4. Aiea, Hawaii (for a summer)
5. Oklahoma City (for a minute)
6. Boise, Idaho
7.that's it.

Eight People to Tag:
1. Gretch 2. Nat 3. Mom 4. Katie L. 5. Heather S. 6. Heather H. 7. Dawn 8. Sherry

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cutie Girl

My little "big" girl. Here are her stats from her two month checkup.

16" head circumference (80%)

25" length (90-95%)

13 lbs. 12 oz. (90-95%)
I don't make milk, I make heavy whipping cream. :)

If she were edible, I would eat her up.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seeing Things

Most days I get caught up in just the daily part of living but today I was inspired to actually take some time and see things. Some day I am going to miss this so I want to write it down.

My sweet girl. She found her thumb yesterday.

My other sweet girl. She was determined to sleep in that laundry basket, but I talked her out of it.

Levi cuddled up at nap time. He had a hard day being a pirate at gymnastics.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sorry about the Memorial Day pictures! I ended up just posting them on Facebook because it is waaaaaay easier than blogger to upload. But during my free time this week I've been photoshopping some pictures of a sweet little newborn. You can go to if you would like to view them! I have really enjoyed the satisfaction of a completed project.