Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

I guess unless you are an ultrasound tech, you might not be able to appreciate these photos!:) They always look so... well....scary! But we are so thrilled to be welcoming another GIRL into our family this March.:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


For Halloween this year, Emme went as Stefanie from Lazy Town ( I think it's a cartoon on some weird channel! I'm not sure:)! And Levi went as, of course, SpiderMan. They had such a fun time at the Fall Fest that Calvary puts on at the Fairgrounds, and I like that they have activities to do for the evening! They played bowling, did a cake walk, went fishing, and did lots of other things like jump in bounce houses and slide down huge slides. Here are just a couple cute pics.

Spidey and Stef

Packing up the baggies
Then I got this awesome idea from a friend named Kim Hanson (hi Kim!). At the end of the evening, since the kids have gathered the amount of their body weight in candy, each child packs a baggie full of their favorite candies to keep and the rest of the candy gets collected by the "Candy Fairy." The "Candy Fairy" then takes the excess candy and gives it to Operation Christmas Child to be sent overseas with their holiday packages. In turn, the "Candy Fairy" will leave each child a book or paints or little car or something thanking them! I really loved this idea and the kids were excited to be generous with those less fortunate.