Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

So yesterday I lost the kids for a little while...which is not that unusual since Emme can work the deadbolt and loves to take her little brother on her outdoor excursions. Anyway, this is how I found the kids in the driveway!

I was informed that they were headed for a campsite and that I was not invited to come along. However, Chloe the neighbor's dog (Emme told me she was "borrowing her") was more than welcome to join in the fun. So with Levi in the driver seat, off they were headed. Good thing I didn't leave my keys in the car.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

While Daddy Is Away

Some of you know that poor Chad has been virtually MIA these past 10 days while working in McCall, working through the nights (45 out of 48 hours for one stint at M.P. yikes!), and now in Yakima picking up Ol' Blue and, you guessed it, working! He is still on the prayer chain, like every 10 minutes, at Nat's church. Just Kidding. But not really.

Anyway, here on the home front, I have been trying to occupy the kids with fun activities, trying to separate their day from evening (some stay-at-home moms may know what I'm talking about) basically so I don't lose my patience with them!:) Here are some cute pics of the kids from our "all mommy/all the time" party!

This weekend we went to the kid's workshop at Home Depot! They each got a cute little orange apron with their name on it, and then we built a race car!

Emme also got a haircut this week too. So much easier to comb through now!

Em checkin' herself out in the tub

Levi being mischievous turning the water off and and on...

Come home soon Daddy! We miss you!!