Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's like a typewriter and everyone else has a computer

ok, so i've been doing some thinking about this blog thing...i'm doing a poor job of keeping it up at best, and i need to be more directed with my time now that I have three littles!! (i.e. you catch my drift)....

But in retrospect, I wish I still owned a typewriter (did I ever own one?: no) because something in me just can't let go (read: clutterbug)

So in the interest of those who still aren't Facin' or Spacin' here is my contribution to you.

This is my newest babe. And she is a baby doll, let me tell you. I am soaking her up!! She's 5 months now and sitting up and scooting around! Yes, I know, I have told her that moving is against all rules until she is at least 9 months old, but she doesn't listen. The nerve.

So for now I will keep up the blog and hopefully all three of you will keep reading my sporadic posting and ramblings about my life!

Who do you think she looks like??

Emme at 5 months

(pic of Levi by Kamalamadingdong at 6 months)