Monday, April 28, 2008

Run Mama Run!!

This past Saturday, Chad gave me the day off!!:) Some girlfriends and I drove up to Ketchum to visit Amanda for her 31st birthday. We rented a hotel room and had a great girl time just hangin' out, catching up with life, and celebrating Amanda's birthday. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us A!

Dinner at Ketchum Grill

This is Amanda's crazy face...Candee is looking at a fly on her nose....Wende is in the middle of a sentence(that's ok, she doesn't read my blog;)

Yikes, I think we had been out too late by this point..must have been 9:30 or something outrageous....:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My sister-in-law, Heather H., tagged me to do 10 random facts about me about 40-90 years ago. I'm just now getting around to it, pathetic I know, but I rarely forget anything.:) I don't know if I can think of that many uber cool things about me, but I'll give it a try!

1. Every Sunday we take a different route home from church instead of the usual route (I know, I'm so crazy!!!)'s kind of our shortened version of a Sunday LBR, which is Kale Speak for long boring ride, which we used to take often as kids.

2. I was almost non-existant on the music front in the 80's. You could name several popular singers and I would have no clue who you are talking about. I grew up listening to nothing but oldies and old skool country. I only started listening to popular music when I started public high school in 1993.

3. I have no less than 40 punch cards in my wallet. I definitely have the "Kastanza" wallet.

4. I love saving money on things! I am the ultimate cheapskate, although I prefer to think of myself as frugal. :) Hence the 40 punch cards in my wallet.

5. I seriously love old people. Seriously. My roomie in college used to call me a little grandma! (And no, I did not take that as a compliment.) I think that's because they have so many awesome stories and things that have happened in their lives that I can learn from! After I'm done raising my kids (like the 10th of Never), I would definitely love to go back into the geriatric field.

6. I love Random...but Interesting trivia. I think that's because my dad is the king of this..he just seems to know so much about the oddest topics. For example, did you know that Barack Obama and Brad Pitt are cousins? See? Random...but Interesting.

7. My college roommate when I was a senior was the niece of Bill Keane, the creator and illustrator of Family Circus cartoon!

8. My co-worker Colleen, her mother, taught The Osmonds, as in Donny and Marie, piano lessons! Do you see where I'm going with this? Say it with me now, Random.....but Interesting.

9. I have lived in or visited Alaska every year of my life.

10. I am really scraping here, so I will let you all off of the hook for reading all of the previous nine ridiculous facts!!

Now I want to tag Dori, (who has been tagged by Little B, but she is avoiding it), and Katie Lee!