Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Entry Part 1

What a busy, exhausting, filled to the brim month! I love the whirlwind of activities, and I tried to purpose in my heart to just soak more of it in this year. To make more of an effort to be present and ENJOY. Enjoy friends. Enjoy family. Enjoy food. (yeah!) Enjoy the gifts that God has given me and be thankful for his ultimate gift of sending his Son to be born into this world.

This year was supposed to be a "Kale" Christmas, but since Dad is overseas, we chose to stay close to home and go to Alaska in the summer when the weather is nice! ((fingers crossed)) We had the privilege of staying with Josh and Heather for the first part of our stay, and then with Chad's grandparents Roger and Norma the last part. The kids had so much fun with their cousins getting to play with them all the time at Josh's and Chad and I enjoyed getting to visit with Grandma and Grandpa and talking basically picking their brain about "life" and their memories together from childhood. I am so thankful for my extended family!

Here are some snippets from our activities from December!

The Ugly Sweater Party. I think this picture of Jeremy, Chad, and Jon speaks volumes of their personalities... (this one is for you Dad)

The girls...Chad liked Candee's sweater the best because she just looked like you could cuddle up to her and get a glass of milk and some warm cookies.... (I'm pretty sure that I saw his grandmother wearing this exact same one at Christmas.)

Levi working very hard on the cookies he was supposed to be making for his daddy. I think only a 1/2 of a slobbery Santa made it home to Chad..

Speaking of Santa, Heather Marie worked painstakingly on this Santa. He was gorgeous I tell you.

Heather Marie's mom, Meg. She is such a gem. Every holiday that we visit Washington, Meg is always inviting us over to some sort of party. All of them Cookie Parties now that I think of it; my kind of girl.

This is my best bud. She was always checking up with me, "Hey B, you gonna eat??" Hey B this, Hey B that....what a little personality she is...

I know you will all be waiting on pins and needles for the second post so stay tuned! And Happy New Year! Time to watch the ball drop.....


Phil, Gretch, and Finn said...

Great picture of kara! The sweaters are hilarious!

Adam and Natalie said...

Cute little Kara! I can't tell any difference between your sweater and the one you always wore in high school. ;) Chad's comment about Candee was cracking me up!

Kale Family News said...

I love all these pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Chad's grandparents. That's right up your alley to visit with them. What a treasure they are! The sweater party looks like fun, although Christy and Kelly were not sticking to the rules I see. They look fantastic!

Heather Marie said...

So Kara was sitting here with me and when she saw the picture of her she yelled "KARA!" I think she likes it, but it is of course ADORABLE! I love how it shows her personality.