Monday, November 30, 2009

What I'm Thankful For

First Thanksgivings

Cosmic Bowling with the fam

Naps after a full Turkey belly

Sweet Nieces who take the time to play with their adoring younger cousins

Thoughtful nephews who color pictures for his tiniest baby cousin

Helping hands to make Thanksgiving dinner so yummy (thanks to my assistant for the posed hand)

Relaxing reads afterwards



Heather said...

What about camo parka's, PF Changs with out kids, NEW MOON, Basketball & dance party!!! =)

Natalie said...

What delicate hairy man hands. Who is that, Emme? Haha. Happy first T day Clairabell. I hope your mom took a picture next to a mini pumpkin just like I did with your big sister on her first Thanksgiving.

Bridgette said...

H~ I wanted to leave some things for you to blog about!!!:):)

Nat~ I'm lame. I totally forgot little pizza face Emme at 7 weeks old next to the pumpkin. Shame on me.:(