Thursday, October 8, 2009


Can this baby be a whole hand already?

I tell you 40 times a day to put the baby down, she's not Superman. But you love babies and can't help but want to squeeze her. I love that about you and I hope you become best friends. You put on wearing your "church clicky shoes" even when wearing sweats because they make you feel pretty. You love to put on lip gloss,eat marshmallows, dress up, hit your brother because he's a pest then play "baby octopus" with him for hours, and snuggle in your cat sleeping bag every morning. Riding horses seems to have become one of your favorite things to do at preschool. And Josie the horse loves you. You have a sensitive spirit and I hope you keep that forever. I love you Emme Kate. Happy 5th.


AMANDA said...

The party pictures looked great-sad to miss it!

Heather said...

Yes! Happy Birthday Emme Kate! You are so full of life! I pray that you will use all of your creativity to glorify and love the Lord one day! We love you sweetie heart!

Auntie Heather

Natalie said...

Make me cry why don't you! (remember, I'm sensitive and kind to animals) So sweet. I can't believe she's 5!

tjsing said...

So, so sweet! You should be proud of her, she is pretty awesome. How time flies.

Kale Family News said...

She's an amazing girl from here first grand entrance into this world!!! I love her to pieces!! Kiki